About DEXA Melbourne

Our practitioners are university trained in the fields of bone densitometry, clinical nutrition and sports dietetics. This offers clients a unique opportunity to access gold standard body composition assessments and professional guidance in achieving their health and body composition goals.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our people

DEXA Melbourne is a team of university trained Densitometrists and Dietitians with a wealth of experience in sports and physique, weight loss, bariatric surgery, and clinical nutrition and body composition assessment. They are passionate about health and understanding the changes that occur to body composition and bone density with specific changes to diet, exercise and surgery with the use of DEXA.




Our technology

At DEXA Melbourne we carefully considered the type of DEXA technology we wanted to use in our practice. After extensive research we decided on the Hologic Horizon unit. Hologic are widely regarded as the leader in DEXA technology, pioneering the first DEXA system in 1987. Hologic’s new Horizon DEXA System supersedes the Hologic Discovery DEXA System.

“The same excellent features available on the Discovery have been preserved and then extended on the Horizon platform to enhance performance”. – Hologic Inc.

The latest innovations in DEXA technology available on the new Horizon units include the first units to use ceramic detectors offering crisper, higher resolution images and a multi-faceted system that can help clinicians assess bone health, body composition and cardiovascular risk.

Our approach

At DEXA Melbourne we are driven by excellence, innovation, integrity, leadership and safety.

We are meticulous in our approach to using current scientific validated assessment methods to ensure the highest level of accuracy, precision and reliability possible from DEXA scanning is achieved.

Our professionalism and approach provides customers with confidence and satisfaction when using DEXA technology and our expert guidance in interpreting DEXA scan reports ultimately leads to better client outcomes.

Safety through the implementation of DEXA Melbourne’s policies, procedures and guidelines ensure we demonstrate and promote the responsible safe use of DEXA systems always adhering to evidenced based practice.

To summarise, we take what we do very seriously, so you don’t have to worry, you have an enjoyable experience, and you receive the most accurate and precise measure of your health and body composition through DEXA technology!

Meet the Team


Andrew Ho-Peng is a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. He has completed a Masters of Dietetics at Deakin University and also has an ISAK qualification for body composition assessment and ANZBMS qualification for bone densitometry. He is registered with Dietitians Association of Australia, Sports Dietitians Australia and Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society.

Andrew consults in both clinical and private settings and works in academia as a student supervisor at Victoria University Student Teaching Clinic. Andrew has worked across a number of sporting clubs and international teams building nutrition, hydration and body composition programs for athletes. He also mentors many students on sports and physique nutrition; offering them a unique setting for professional development.

Damian Green (Bone Densitometrist, Clinical and Sports Dietitian)

Damian graduated with a Bachelor of Food Science before going on to complete a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. Then combining his love for sport and nutrition he gained qualifications as an Accredited Sports Dietitian. In addition Damian also has body composition assessment qualifications as an ISAK accredited Anthropometrist and ANZBMS accredited Bone Densitometrist. These days he is primarily focused on accurate body composition assessment through the use of DEXA technology. Damian history includes university lecturing, tutoring and contributing on advisory panels, developing corporate health programs and consulting to various sporting clubs and sport associations. Damian works across a number of sports including swimming, rowing, triathlon, AFL, rugby, basketball, netball, baseball, taekwondo as well as many other sports; and has specialist knowledge in the area physique building. Damian has been working in a private practice physique and sports performance setting since 2007, has a wealth of knowledge and his unique innovative approach has earned him a loyal referral base of GPs, specialists, coaches, clubs, athletes and other professional colleagues.

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