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body composition measurement

We go far beyond body scanning with comprehensive offerings

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Accurate Results

Use scientifically validate measurement methods and get correct interpretation from our body composition experts.

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Build your body composition and nutrition knowledge by learning from the experts.

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Our professional body composition measurement

and health optimisation services

Body Scans

Body composition measurement using validated techniques including DEXA, mfBIA and ISAK anthropometry methods. We are the company trusted by many professional clubs, organisations and universities.

Nutrition Services

We offer a range of nutrition services, including single consultations and comprehensive programs by experts in clinical nutrition, sports dietetics, food science, and functional medicine.


We have been involved, and participate in many research projects where accurate body composition analysis is required. Contact us to discuss potential partnerships on your research project.

Specialised Testing

Our expertise in functional and integrative medicine provides guidance and referral access to clinically relevant laboratory testing,

Online Nutrition Programs

You can get started right now with one of our comprehensive online nutrition program designed to provide accountability, support and long-term results.

Supplement Store

We provide a one-stop shop for you to access premium nutrition supplements from companies including Thorne Research, Designs for Health, Researched Nutritionals, Microbiome Labs and many more.

Why Choose DEXA Melbourne?

  1. DEXA Melbourne uses the latest, scientifically validated tools for body composition measurement including DEXA and multifrequency BIA technologies
  2. Whole body scans are performed by experienced specialists in body composition measurement and health optimisation
  3. Use the specialist body composition service used exclusively by numerous professional sporting clubs and institutions


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