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Lean Body Mass

Total lean mass incl

Skeletal Muscle Mass

DEXA scans only provide total lean mass. mfBIA can also calculate skeletal muscle mass. This is the one of interest when tracking muscle changes over time.

Total Body Water

A component of total lean mass. On a standard DEXA scan, changes in body water content will show up in changes in lean mass with no way of measuring how much of the lean mass change is muscle / water / minerals etc. At DEXA Melbourne we can accurately seperate all portions of a total lean mass change to see how much is skeletal muscle, water etc.

Segmental Analysis

Total Body Fat

Visceral Fat

Biological Age Calculation

BioWellness Index

Specialist Dietitians

The generic estimated energy requirement calculations that are automatoically generated in both mfBIA and DEXA scans are very often innaccurate and not reflective of what a client actually needs. Our specialists can help fine tune these to your goals.

Latest DEXA Technology

Before having a scan done you should ask if the practice is using the latest technology. For DEXA, this would be the Hologic Horizon A Series DEXA unit. The Hologic Discovery A Series unit is older version, manufactured ~ 2005 -2008. The Discovery units are no longer supported for updates by the manufacturer. We recommend sticking with the new units as this is the platform that is continually updated.

Ionizing Radiation

DEXA scans expose the subject to ionising radiation. Regulatory requirements in Victoria require subjects to be part of an approved research project of have a specific type of specialist physician referral. mfBIA does not expose subjects to radiation.

Restriction on frequency of scans

App with Personalised Results






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