Highly structured and individualised nutrition plans for the physique you are training for

Personal support and tailored programs to help you achieve your health and body composition goals

The Physique Nutrition Program is a specific, tailored program – suitable for males and females as the programs are all highly personalised.

A well structured training plan is vital for successfully changing your body composition, losing body fat and building muscle.

If you are training hard but not seeing the results then it is most likely because the food you are eating and your dietary structure needs to be modified.

Our Physique Program is tailored for individuals who:

  • Are trying to eat well, but are puzzled why they are not seeing the results they want;
  • Are looking for a structured plan to follow to compliment their training efforts;
  • Never really considered their food intake before, just trained and hoped for results.

Program Structure

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire and food diary assessment
  • Initial consultation
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Personalised 6 week physique nutrition plan
  • Ongoing support
  • Review consultation with 6 week physique nutrition plan
  • Measure and monitor progress
  • Evidence-based advice & professional guidance from physique nutrition specialist

Education and Support

Our Nutrition Melbourne Physique Program is delivered by highly experienced specialist in physique nutrition. We have a strong background and many years of experience, working with males and females in physique improvement and performance nutrition.

We love working with motivated people and helping them achieve their goals. So whether your goal is just to lean down, or build some muscle or obtain an athletic physique, our approach will help to achieve your goals.

Physique Nutrition

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Single Consultation


Pre-consult questionnaire

Food diary assessment

Initial consultation

Expert advice

*Nutrition plan available for additional fee

Physique Program


Pre-consult questionnaire

Food diary assessment

Initial consultation with personalised 6 week nutrition plan

Expert advice

Review consultation with personalised 6 week nutrition plan

Free support