Here's how to prepare for your scan and obtain the scan results.

01. The day before the scan

Eat and drink normally. Exercise as normal but avoid any extreme exercise sessions on the day prior to scan.

06. Download the App

After the scan we will send you a pdf copy of the scan and you can also access the results via the free app. The App also has explanatory notes and videos. With review scans, all your body composition data can be tracked in comparative tables so you get a complete picture of progress. .

05. Scan Interpretation

After your scan we will explain scan results including body composition data and energy and macronutrient suggestions.

02. Morning Scan

It is best to have the scan in a rested and fasted state eg. no food, fluid or exercise before hand. If you forget and have something eg coffee then do the same for any subsequent scans.

03. Afternoon Scan

Where practically possible, avoid exercise on the day of the scan before the scan. Save exercise session for afterwards.

Keep a record of food and fluid intake and repeat for any subsequent scans. Cease eating and drinking at least 4 hours prior to scan unless medically required.

04. Clothing

Where loose, light clothing. If you do not have this available, we will provide a disposable gown for you to wear.

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