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Permanently Remove Stubborn Fat

Cryolipoloysis is a well studied method to permanently remove excess subcutaneous fat from the body. We use the latest in approved, effective medical device technology (TGA Certified – ARTG No. 371276) for non-surgical body sculpting. Clinically proven to permanently reduce stubborn fat in treatment areas by 20 - 40%, each session.

High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training

Gain Muscle - Lose Fat

Our High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HI-EMT) is the latest technology (TGA Certified – ARTG No. 338736) for non-invasive body slimming & sculpting that is clinically proven to build muscle & burn fat through focused High Intensity Electromagnetic energy. A course of this powerful treatment will strengthen, tone & lift targeted muscle groups for a more toned and sculpted appearance.


What is Cryolipolysis

Our CoolShaping2™ Cryolipolysis treatment is a clinically studied and proven method to permanently remove excess subcutaneous fat on the body using non-surgical body sculpting technology. It works by using a special applicator tool which simultaneously suctions (like a vacuum) and freezes the fat cells in the targeted areas to -10 degrees. We use the latest advanced technology with 360° degree stereoscopic cooling whilst also using, vibrating-vacuum & LED technologies for maximum results.

Why does CoolShaping2™ Cryolipolysis Work?

Studies show that fat cells are more sensitive to cold than surrounding body cells, meaning no other cell is damaged during the process of freezing the fat cells. Once the cryolipolysis procedure is complete, the body absorbs the damaged cells and safely eliminates them through your body’s natural & normal metabolic process. The result is permanent removal of the treated excess subcutaneous fat.

Where Does The Fat Go?

A CoolShaping2™ procedure causes fat cells in the treatment area to freeze to the point where they begin to deteriorate. The body will then naturally dispose of the these fat cells via the liver and lymphatic system, either through urination or through sweat over a period of time following your treatment.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Cryolipolysis can be used to treat multiple areas of the body where excess fat is commonly stored. Using advanced CoolShaping2 technology which has in treatment (up to 4 focus areas in one session) applicator options, meaning you can treat both small, or larger areas of the body within the same dual treatment session.


  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Arms
  • Arm Pits
  • Bra Rolls
  • Upper Back
  • Male Chest
  • Lower Stomach
  • Upper Stomach
  • Love Handles
  • Outer Thighs
  • Rear Thighs
  • Knees
Are All Cryolipolysis Machines The Same?

When choosing the right type of cryolipolysis procedure, it is important to understand that there are a few different options available on the market – not all technologies are the same and different technologies will NOT deliver the same results, nor are they TGA Certified, meaning they do not meet with Australian safety & regulatory compliance. We only use approved medical devices that are safe and effective.

CoolShaping vs Coolsculpting

CoolShaping and Coolsculpting are both based on the science and method of cryolipolysis, which is a non-surgical medical treatment used to eliminate fat cells. At our practice we use the the new cutting-edge technology of the CoolShaping 2 machine.

With CoolShaping the advantages include:

  • High quality results in less time, with using up to four of the applicators you can treat multiple areas at the same time
  • Stable and safely emitting cryo-energy to reduce local fat cells and shape contour while maintaining a stable temperature during the entire treatment
  • Multi-technology, in addition to CoolShaping, the vacuum and the Led system generate high quality results
Why Is Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Now A Popular Treatment?

Some of the Key Benefits of Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing include:

  • Fat Freezing has undergone extensive global studies & clinical tests and is a proven method to permanently remove excess fat on the body.
  • Fat Freezing allows you to select and target both small or larger areas of the body where you are storing excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Fat freezing is completely non-invasive. Throughout the treatment you will remain awake, conscious and relaxed.
  • CoolShaping technology has been clinically proven to permanently reduce stubborn fat in treatment areas by 20-40%, each session.
  • CoolShaping Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing is non-invasive, the treatment is quick and has no down-time. There are permanent fat loss results with absolutely no recovery issues.
  • CoolShaping Cryolipolysis technology is non-invasive & provides a complete and pain-free alternative to surgery.
How Many Cryolipolysis Treatments WIll You Need?

In most cases, we recommend between 2-4 sessions on the same area, however this will vary depending on the individual client.

Is The CoolShaping Procedure Painful?

No, the treatment is not painful. Some patients experience a cooling sensation during the first five or so minutes of treatment, while fat begins to cool. Then the treated area generally just feels numb for the remainder of the treatment. Fortunately, the stories of very uncomfortable and sometimes painful procedures relating to older and non-approved fat freezing procedures do not apply to CoolShaping2 treatments. The newCoolShaping2 medical device is exceptionally well tolerated and effective due to the substantial advancements in technology.

Will I Have Any Scars After My CoolShaping2 Procedure?

No, this is a non-invasive procedure. There is no incisions or any scars on your body.

Is There Any Downtime After My Procedure?

Patients can resume their daily lives immediately after treatment.

Is CoolShaping2 Fat Freezing Right For Me?

This procedure is suitable for anybody that wants to reduce specific, stubborn fat areas that are difficult to lose through dieting and exercise alone. CoolShaping2 is also a good motivation for patients who want to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst Cryolipolysis is an effective strategy to permanently remove stubborn subcutaneous fat and deliver a slimmer look, it is important not to forget the importance of addressing the underlying muscles. Increasing muscle tone helps to enhance

body shape and appearance.

High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training (HI-EMT)

How Does HI-EMT Work?

HI-EMT delivers high intensity focused electromagnetic energy which passes through skin and subcutaneous fat layers to specifically the target muscle.

This stimulates thousands of contractions to strengthen and increase muscle for improved definition, tone and endurance. The contractions also trigger the release of free fatty acids which break down localised fat deposits.

Our HI-EMT device is a cutting-edge, TGA approved medical technology that provides non-invasive body contouring, as it not only burns fat, but also builds muscle.

TGA Approved Medical Device To: GAIN MUSCLE - LOSE FAT™

Our HI-EMT is a 93/42/EEC MDD certified, TGA approved medical device. Thanks to its patented water cooling system, magnetic output intensity of 7 Tesla it is the most powerful system in its class today unrivalled by the competitors.

What Is The Difference Between Normal Exercise and HI-EMT?

During normal exercise, a maximum voluntary contraction, which is controlled by the brain, can only be maintained for a split second and a rest phase is required in between each contraction. If you train regularly, you may be able to use 30-40% of the muscle and a seasoned athlete may use up to 55%.

Contrary to voluntary muscle contractions, HI-EMT can trigger supramaximal contractions that are independent of brain function. The magnetic stimulation uses a specific range of frequencies that does not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimulations and contracts 100% of the muscle 100% of the time during the treatment.

With HI-EMT the muscle is forced to remain in a contracted state for multiple seconds and the treatment has the ability to even trigger contractions within a contraction. When repeatedly exposed to these high load conditions through HI-EMT, the muscle tissue is stressed and is forced to adapt

Does HI-EMT Replace My Normal Exercise Regime?


HI-EMT can be used to rapidly achieve an increase in muscle and decrease in fat in the treated area but it does not replace your exercise regime.

You should allow for the treated area to recover in between HI-EMT sessions though, so adjust your training regime to train other areas of the body whilst you are undertaking a course of HI-EMT.

What Effect Does HI-EMT Have On The Muscle?

When the applicators are placed on the target muscle area they generate intense magnetic stimulations that causes involuntary muscle contractions.

The stimulation causes to rebuild and repair muscle tissue, resulting in stronger, firmer muscles.

Recent studies reported that on average 15% - 16% increase in abdominal muscle thickness was observed in treated patients one to two months after magnetic muscle stimulation treatments.


What Effect Does HI-EMT Have On Fat?

Several recent studies using CT, MRI and ultrasound evaluations have reported approximately 19% reduction in subcutaneous fat layer in patients treated by a magnetic stimulation based device on their abdomen. The principle of cell apoptosis induced by increased concentrations of free fatty acids has been previously observed and demonstrated in numerous research studies.

Session Information

HI-EMT treatment session requires no anaesthesia, incisions or discomfort. Single treatment session takes 30 minutes only, and there is no downtime. 2-3 treatments per week, would be enough for perfect result for most people. Generally a specific program 6 treatments recommended.

Workout Program

Our HI-EMT package has unique workout sequence that consists of a series of various physical training programs, which has been ideally designed for the maximum stimulation leading to the best result. There are specific programs for both men and women, targeting either body toning or muscle being depending on the individuals goals.

HI-EMT is an extremely efficient treatment that can take place over the course of as little as 10-14 days, rather than months, and it also produces more toned results within 2-4 weeks.


Am I a Suitable Candidate?

There are very few contraindications. Please contact us to discuss your suitability.

Is There Any Downtime?

Not at all.

How Long Are The Sessions?

30 mins.

How Often?

2 - 3 times per week during treatment phase.

How Many Treatments?

4 - 6 treatments is recommended.

How Long Can I Use It?

There is no limit. But we would run different training sessions / combinations with subsequent packages for ideal results.

How Long Will The Results Last?

A long time. A study on electromagnetic, deep tissue muscle stimulation recently presented show patient satisfaction high one month after the treatment series with even higher patient satisfaction scores at 4 months follow-up.

HI-EMT takes care of the extremely hard part of building the muscle. Once that is achieved, then a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan can be used to help consolidate your improvements.

How Do I Get Started?

You can book in online or contact us for more details.

What Is Included In The

Special Offer?

Combined Cryolipolysis + HI-EMT Pack

Cryolipolysis + HI-EMT Special Offer




Includes All The Following

Cryolipolysis Pack

Using TGA Approved Medical Device For

Permanent Subcutaneous Fat Removal

2 x Treatment Sessions

(~ 4 - 6 weeks apart)

2 x Applicators Per Session



Using TGA Approved Medical Device For

Muscle Strengthening, Fat Reduction & Body Reshaping

6 x Treatment Sessions

Completed Over 2 - 3 Weeks

Get 2 Cryolipolysis treatment sessions +

6 HI-EMT treatment sessions

for a total of $975




Packages are for individual use only.

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