Whole Body Scan

Gold Standard Advanced Body Composition Assessments for precise measurements of body fat, lean muscle and bone

A DEXA scan provides you in-depth knowledge of your body composition using advanced x-ray technology.

It provides the most accurate and precise measurement of body fat, lean muscle and bone available and the results are provided instantly after your scan.

Having review scans provides direct feedback about the changes to your body composition allowing your referring practitioner to instantly see if the nutrition, activity and lifestyle approach you are taking is having the desired effect on your body composition…

No more guesswork!

Your health care team can use the information obtained from your review scans to then refine your diet, activity and lifestyle plan further. Therefore, you can take the most direct route to achieving your health goals.

Does a DEXA scan provide any other information?

Yes, DEXA scans also allow you to:

  • Evaluate balance and symmetry of muscle and fat tissue in each region of the body.
  • Calculate your resting metabolic rate (which can assist further tailoring of your exercise and nutrition plan)
  • Assess visceral adipose tissue (the dangerous fatty tissue in the mid-section that can increase cardiovascular and diabetes risk)
  • Visualise your body composition with high resolution colour-map showing you fat, muscle and bone distribution (and visually see how you’re changing over time!)
  • Set individualised body composition targets and time frames (using our proprietary guides)
  • Have a powerful accountability partner to help keep you on track

Don’t let inaccurate measurements deflate your motivation and derail your momentum in achieving your health goals. Attach Gold Standard Body Composition monitoring to your efforts with the help of DEXA Melbourne. It’s the only way you’ll really know, accurately, how you’re progressing.

If you would like to find out more about DEXA Melbourne and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry visit the about us page. Our technology, skills and approach will leave you feeling confident you have made the right decision!

The DEXA Melbourne

DEXA Body Composition Scans

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Program Includes:

  • Latest DEXA technology available
  • Superb precision and image quality
  • 1 x Initial Full Body Scan
  • Comprehensive consultation with scan
  • Total body fat, lean muscle mass (and percentage)
  • Bone Mineral Content score
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (the fat under the muscle around the midsection)
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Program Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to initial scans and review scans

  1. Referral

    If you have a valid specialists referral in place you can book an appointment online. If you do not have a specialists referral contact us directly on 0435872776 to discuss further.

  2. Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

    Prior to coming along to your 1st appointment we will send you a pre-consultation questionnaire to complete. You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before.

  3. Preparation for the scan

    When we send you then pre-consultation assessment form, there will be an additional document outlining what you need to do before the scan. It is important that you read this and follow the instructions to ensure you are best prepared for the most accurate scan results.

  4. The initial scan

    Our densitometrist will discuss the assessment of your pre-consultation questionnaire, ensure you have prepped correctly leading in to the scan, obtain any additional information required from you, explain the procedure for the scan, and ask you if you have any questions. You will then be positioned on the table for the scan. The scan itself will only take a few minutes, so relax and stay still!

  5. Discussion of scan results

    The report is printed off immediately following your scan. We will run through the main components of the scan so will will understand total body fat, muscle and bone. Regional assessments comparing for example right arm vs left arm, right leg vs left leg. Look at the fat hiding underneath the muscle around the midsection. Provide professional, evidenced-based guidance to steer you in the right direction for additional support.

  6. Review Scans

    There needs to be a minimum time frame between scans of at least 12 weeks.

  7. Ongoing maintenance

    A maximum of 4 scans per 12 month period can be performed. Most people will not need this many. The number of scans you will need can be determined by your specialist.

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