The Intelligent Body Scanner


*** DEXA Whole Body Scans ***

Due to regulatory changes effecting all DEXA providers in Victoria, whole body DEXA scans are no longer available outside of an approved research project.

For a whole body scan we recommend using our Intelligent Body Scanner. The Intelligent Body Scanner provides a Whole Body Scan (via mfBIA) for accurate body composition measurement.

The Intelligent Body Scanner

Our brand new intelligent body scanner provides you with a scientifically validated tool for accurate body composition assessment.

It is considered the fastest, non-invasive method of screening total body composition.The scan is very quick to complete, has no radiation exposure, and gives users a unique and full report of their body composition.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

We are closed during the stage 4 restrictions until they end in September.

You can still book your body scan in online for when we reopen.

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The scan report

Measure over 40 different parameters including: 

• Lean Muscle Mass, 

• Skeletal Muscle Mass, 

• Protein, 

• Bone Mineral Content, 

• Total Body Water, 

• Intracellular Fluid and Extracellular Fluid 

• Body Fat Mass and Total Body Fat Percentage, 

• Visceral Fat Levels,  

• Subcutaneous Fat Mass 

• Abdominal Circumference 

• Waist Hip Ratio 

• Segmental Analysis of Muscle and Fat in each Limb, 

• Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Energy Expenditure, 

• Calories Based on Goal and Macronutrient Profile 

• Bio Age 

• Bio Wellness Index 

• Fitness Score

Plus more!

The science behind the measurement

Our intelligent body scanner uses the latest advancements in multifrequency BIA (mfBIA) technology. The intelligent body scanner differs from other products on the market by incorporating the most up-to-date scientifically validated, personalised variables to provide a more reliable body composition measurement for the individual.

This technology was originally developed for the use in monitoring hospital patients after surgery, as well as astronauts after space travel. Nowadays, this technology is used in many areas of medicine, from Nephrology to Oncology, in Sports Science, Fitness, and Medical wellness, in Nutrition, Weight Management and Lifestyle monitoring.

Get the results in the palm of your hand

The user interface with this technology is second-to-none. 

Download your free App to your phone, tablet or desktop… 

But it’s not just an App, it’s a real measure of your success. 

Once you have been scanned you can use the free App to get personalised and detailed recordings and then track, monitor and analyse your progressive results. 

Access your personalised profile and dashboard via the App with instant graphs and charts showing real-time results with analytical comparisons between scans.

Calculate and fine tune your nutrition

At DEXA Melbourne we combine the technologies world’s first Artificial Intelligent Macronutrient Profile with oversight from experienced, professional Health Optimisation Specialists to fine tune your requirements. 

This powerful combination is exclusively available at DEXA Melbourne and can help to maximise your results on your health optimisation journey.All of your results can be accessed via the free App where you will gain tailored knowledge specific to your health and fitness goals.

Stay motivated

After your scan your results are automatically uploaded to the App. View immediate insights about your body and receive instant feedback to see how your exercise and nutritional choices affect your goals. Track your progress and gain insights to motivate yourself along your journey.

Whole Body Scan

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Whole body scan

Over 40 parameters

Incl. Energy and Macro's

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Whole body scan

Over 40 parameters

Incl. Energy and Macro's

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Whole body scan

Over 40 parametersIncl. Energy and Macro's

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Whole body scan

Over 40 parameters

Incl. Energy and Macro's

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